Thursday, January 31, 2013

Event night at Nyood

Mrs Yumyum is very lucky that one of her work perks are going to industry events which entail getting to try many amazing Toronto restaurants. This past week they ventured to Nyood Restaurant She has always wanted to try this restaurant because the previous Executive Chef was Food Network's Roger Mooking. She enjoyed his dishes before at his first restaurant Kultura Restaurant

Although Mrs Yumyum was unfamiliar with the new Chef running the show, she was very excited for a night of great food and wine. After her first dish she realized she had to give us the yummy details, but she had to take her photos as discrete as possible since it was a work function.  The restaurant is a small cozy space that seats approximately 100 people, and the decor is a mix of modern and industrial. The front of the restaurant is a long bar that stretches half way through the restaurant which connects to a semi open kitchen. The walls are painted dark and the ceilings have exposed beams with construction work light as "chandeliers".

It was a four course meal and she would re-order every course. Unfortunately Mrs Yumyum forgot to take a picture of the first course which was an Arugula Salad with beets, goat's cheese, and pecan. A nice way to wake up the palette.

Eating out usually means a cheat night for Mrs Yumyum so she finished every piece of her delicious Ravioli. It was a combination of all her favourites - mushrooms, ricotta, and spinach...if it was topped with truffle oil she would pay to have another bowl.

She chose the Black Bass for her main. The fish was cooked perfectly and the sharp flavour of the buttermilk was a great pairing with the savoury and juicy fish. She also got to try the Chicken which was the generous chunks of chicken were crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside, but not something you wouldn't be able to order anywhere else. The steak was the crowd pleaser of the night. Mrs Yumyum avoided ordering this dish thinking that the catered portion would mean the steaks would be overdone, but to her surprise it was cooked medium rare and tasted very good - well seasoned and tender.

Mrs Yumyum has never had a sweet tooth, but she did give her Cheesecake a try.  It was good...but she wouldn't eat less of the salty part of the meal for it. But she agrees she's not the best judge for commenting on desserts. Everyone around her finished it.

It was a great place for an intimate private party.

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